Are Temp workers the answer to our Staff Crisis

Are Temp workers the answer to our Staff Crisis.

During Brexit and uncertain economic conditions.

*Temps and the Brexit uncertainty.” Employers are making plans to respond to adverse economic conditions. 49 per cent of UK employers who hire permanent staff expressed their concern this quarter over the sufficient availability of candidates for permanent jobs, up from 44 per cent a year earlier with anticipated shortages of hospitality workers causing most anxiety for employers. Engineering & technical, and health & social care workers were the other two professions where employers expect severest skills shortages. These three professions have been causing most concerns for employers over the last three months.

Britain’s jobs market is resilient, but it can’t defy gravity indefinitely. The current uncertainty around Brexit means firms can’t invest with confidence – and that means lower growth and fewer opportunities in future.

Would Temporary staff be the answer to the ebb and flow of the uncertain Brexit tide. “In times of uncertainty, flexible working arrangements provide a crucial outlet for employers and workers alike”. *

Some of the Benefits of temporary workers

Temp Staff provide flexibility in an unstable economy.

All companies including Micro and SME companies have to be able to adapt their team during busy or low periods, the hiring and firing of permanent staff can be time-consuming and adverse to morale. “Being able to bring on more workers or scale back the workforce to respond to the ebbs and flows of demand is increasingly desirable to business owners. Temporary staff can also provide a quick fix for sudden surges in turnover, long-term absentees, difficult to fill positions and special deadline projects.


Using specialist temp staffing agencies such as Saffron Vanilla can result in lower costs associated with hiring adequate staff to recruit applicants. Specialist staffing agencies like us manage the entire employment process, we also relieve employers of costs related to pre-employment testing, background investigations, Reference checking, psychometric testing and much more. In addition, employers save money related to the expense of payroll processing and benefits administration. Small employers find that they can rely on staffing agencies to provide them with qualified employees at remarkable savings.


Using Temporary workers can lead to meaningful hires

Finding employees that are a good fit for your company is filled with the danger of the unknown and making a bad hire can be very expensive. Temporary employees, on the other hand, can provide employers with the chance to evaluate workers over an agreed period of time without committing to a permanent offer. This can help to alleviate some of the urgency associated with filling an opening in your work place, having a short-term temporary worker in place during your recruitment process ensures you take your time finding the right hire. And your business does not suffer as you consider your options.


Having a temporary worker can boost morale

While the divide between permanent and temporary staff can be difficult, the addition of short-term employees can also help balance the work load in the workplace and lighten the mood. If your employees are forced to work out side of their normal contracted hours to work nights and weekends, or to take on increased responsibilities because you are short staffed, morale in the workplace can vanish. Your employees can get stressed, burn out and become less productive. The addition of temporary staff to the work force can be a welcome addition to the team especially during the busiest periods or even when staff absences leaves you under-staffed, a temporary worker can ensure your team are happy and productive.


Interim professionals


Using a recruitment agency such as Saffron Vanilla gives businesses the benefit of increasing or decreasing their employee levels as needed all at a controlled cost. Businesses can identify temp workers for part-time and permanent roles, this can cut down on staff turnover once the agreed trial period is complete and both the employee and employer are satisfied the job is a good fit. You can also identify workers suitable for future interim jobs. It may be that emergency cover is needed for an absent employee, who has gone off ill or left at short notice. Recruiters have candidates on who are willing to hit the ground running, are ready to go at short notice, helping the efficiency of the workforce quickly. Leading to less


A good recruiter is worth every penny

Recruitment consultants understand employer needs, candidate expectations, and the impacts of supply and demand on the jobs market as a whole. This means they are ideally situated to help employers to help to make educated decisions, which have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Employers don’t need to go it alone, when it comes to hiring. The benefit of a recruitment agency, such as Saffron Vanilla they can help businesses and organisations access the skills and experience of the candidates the employer needs in a timescale that is acceptable, without breaking the budget. This also allows employers to free up time and save costs and in-house resources that can concentrate and help drive the business forward.

Saffron Vanilla are a temporary Chef specialist if you are needing help in your workforce please do not hesitate to get in touch Saffron Vanilla

*Credits to REC article December 2019