Chef Recruitment crisis in the UK

The current chef recruitment crisis in the UK has sent shockwaves through the catering industry. There are three main reasons for the crisis, which are higher costs and competition as well as the outcome of the EU referendum. Many restaurateurs struggling to find the right staff for their needs are pointing the finger at Brexit due to the fact that so many talented chefs and catering staff from the continent have decided to return to mainland Europe.

‘Reluctant to relocate to Britain’

A survey carried out for the British Hospitality Association found that a quarter of all chefs were from the Continent. The BHA said that entrepreneurs were delaying and even abandoning plans to open new eateries due to the uncertainty resulting from Brexit. It said that skilled workers were leaving the UK, and that chefs currently based on the Continent were reluctant to relocate to Britain due to the current political climate.

Replacing natural churn

The hospitality industry is tasked with attracting 200,000 new workers annually in order to replace natural churn, though experts suggest it will need 260,000 extra employees following Brexit. If the extra 60,000 is not achieved, there could be a shortfall of a million employees by the year 2029. There was a chef shortage prior to the referendum, but it’s widely agreed that the referendum result has exacerbated the problem. Though younger UK nationals are being encouraged to enter the industry, there is still a great need for talented chefs from outside the country to provide them with training. Many catering staff from outside of the UK are unsure about whether they will be able to remain in the country and are therefore deciding to jump before they are pushed.

Get a helping hand

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